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A Niche Product for your Store.

These Packaged Notecards are top-sellers. We fit a card niche not currently being served. Few grocers offer a complete selection of boxed notecards and packaged 5X7 premium cards. We offer beautifull designs with an array of motifs for a wide audience that are showcased with high-quality, see-through acrylic packaging and plastic sleeves. With their blank insides, they are perfect for jotting down a quick note or thank you for any occasion. We find that January is a particularly high selling month, as people send their written appreciation after the holidays.


Boxed Set of Ten Notecards

Niche Product.
Few grocers (if any) have a complete selection of boxed notecards and 5X7 premium packaged cards.

No substitute for a hand-written note.

Made with Recycled Paper


Blank Insides allows your customers to fully express themselves in any sending situation.

Wide variety of styles and motifs for a broad clientele.

Time Saver. One-stop shopping in the grocery aisle for busy people.


Packaged Set of Four - 5X7 Premium Cards

Quick to Adapt to changing design trends without changing the product codes on the racks.

Great Seller with High Profit Margins

100% American Made

"The sales are amazing for the small amount of space. We've had a tremendous customer response. They love the cards, designs and price point. It's one of our most consistent sellers."
—Ramona Fink, HyVee Foods, Lincoln, NE

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