Wholesale Customers

Many grocers are missing an opportunity by not carrying notecards. Our packaged 10-count notecards and 4-count 5 x7 premium cards fill this void, while delivering high profit margins. We offer an affordable way for customers to send a large number of handwritten notes and a smart merchandising display that that minimizes floor usage while maximizing notecard stock.

Complete your greeting card line with our notecards and thank you notes for additional profits.

10-ct Packaged Notecards

8-ct Packaged Notecards


4-ct Packaged Premium Cards


Fresh Designs
Continually updated to strike an emotional chord for a wide clientele.

Profitable in Up and Down Markets

Free-Standing Merchandiser
Compact. Can fit anywhere.

Simple Ordering and Restocking
* Only Two UPC codes for easy ordering and receiving
* Fast Shipping. Just call us.

Great Post Christmas Seller
January has highest Sales.

Addition-to Niche Product
that completes your card line.

High Returns
* High Profit Margin
* High Sales Volume
* Quick Turnover

Packaged for Savings
Boxed Notecards - 8-ct.
5X7 Premium Cards - 4-ct.

Guaranteed Sale
If it doesn’t sell, we’ll take it back!