Packaged Notecards and Premium Cards

Just a few words – words of support, comfort, thanks or love – can mean so much. Sending a note can touch someone’s heart in a unique and special way. Our note cards are a great way to express your feelings and the beautiful designs allow you to send a bit of your personal style to the ones you love.

Printed on recycled paper and 100% USA Made!

8-ct Packaged Notecards

Envelope Size 3.5" x 5

4-ct Packaged Premium Cards

Envelope Size 4.75" x 6.5

Personal, handwritten notes have never gone out of style. Even in this age of technological and cultural shifts, the demand for notecards has remained a constant. According to a recent New York Times article, The Found Art of Thank You Notes, whether you are a baby boomer or member of the Gen X, Y or Z generations, people are sending personalized cards and they continue to sell well no matter where we are in the economic cycle.