Packaged Notecards and 5X7 Premium Cards

Personal, handwritten notes have never gone out of style. Even in this age of technological and cultural shifts, the demand for notecards has remained a constant. According to a recent New York Times article, The Found Art of Thank You Notes, whether you are a baby boomer or member of the Gen X, Y or Z generations, people are sending personalized cards and they continue to sell well no matter where we are in the economic cycle.

Many grocers are missing an opportunity by not carrying notecards. Our packaged 10-count notecards and 4-count 5 x7 premium cards fill this void, while delivering high profit margins. We offer an affordable way for customers to send a large number of handwritten notes and a smart merchandising display that that minimizes floor usage while maximizing notecard stock.

Complete your greeting card line with our notecards and thank you notes for additional profits.

10-ct Packaged Notecards

10-ct Packaged Notecards


4-ct Packaged Premium Cards


Fresh Designs
Continually updated to strike an emotional chord for a wide clientele.

Profitable in Up and Down Markets

Free-Standing Merchandiser
Compact. Can fit anywhere.

Simple Ordering and Restocking
* Only Two UPC codes for easy ordering and receiving
* Fast Shipping. Just call us.

Great Post Christmas Seller
January has highest Sales.

Addition-to Niche Product
that completes your card line.

High Returns
* High Profit Margin
* High Sales Volume
* Quick Turnover

Packaged for Savings
Boxed Notecards - 10-ct.
5X7 Premium Cards - 4-ct.

Guaranteed Sale
If it doesn’t sell, we’ll take it back!


"What the sender wants is material evidence that she really did appreciate something.”

–Liz Quinn, owner of Stationer on Sunrise in Palm Beach, Fla., (Excerpt from NY TIMES article, The Found Art of Thank You Notes.)

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